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At Don Mitchell Project Management we offer you the relationships that can put your goals first. Most construction companies now offer a project manager for their projects. The difference between them and DMPM is that with the contractors project manager starts work after you know what it is that you want. DMPM helps you figure out what it is that you really want or need..from the start. Most of our clients come to us with questions. Our clients start out with a want or need but don't know if they can or should. DMPM can help with that.

Do you really KNOW what you really need or want? DMPM starts by asking you the tough questions. why, where, when, how and WHY. You are a Dr. Why are you in Business. Where are you taking your practice. Are you growing, updating technology or downsizing....How are you funding your new project...what design or style do you prefer? Marketing, do you need new patients, maybe a new associate Dr. Maybe you would like to retire. DMPM starts with talking with YOU. We listen, we ask, we help.

DMPM will Provide balanced objective information that will allow you to answer the these questions. We pride ourselves in serving you from the start. Working with you from the start allows you to continue working to do the job that you do, this way you don't have to do a Job that  you are not trained to do.

Here at DMPM we are not here to be a doctor or a dentist and  you should not need to be a contractor or a designer. We do not work for work with us. We work for YOU and your Goals. What makes us successful? Our relationships with many contractors, designers, banks, real estate brokers, Doctors and many vendors. It is with these relationships that we can gain information that can for example, get the best deals on equipment or contracts. Based on your individual feasibility study, the information will help you to make the decision to proceed with the project or to discuss other alternatives. After a feasibility study is completed, about 17.8% of practices choose not to proceed with construction, maybe just some decorations or technology upgrade.

Using our vast network of contacts and information allows us to provide great deals for relocation or finding great locations for your practice. We have located our services in Central California serving northern California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington. We do keep in touch with Doctors in our service area to make sure that we have the latest information about technology. Our medical vendors contact us with special offers for our clients. They let us know when  its the best time to make purchases.

How the project begins. We meet several times. We set a profile for what you would like,and preform a feasibility study. DMPM will gather the necessary information from our network and planning officials, along with samples for you to review. the feasibility study will share many interesting facts. it shows the saturation of a particular business, the average income, the cost ratios between new construction and tenant improvement, growth potential potential, profit and loss and more. most of the time using just a feasibility study , a floor plan of the practice improvements and you social security number (provided to the bank not us) you could qualify for at least $200,000 with 50% for construction and 50% for equipment. Business loans a set to 7-10 years because that is when most items will need to be replaced.

If more funding is required to complete the project you would be required to submit a profit and loss statement to the bank. if you are thinking of a SBA loan, you will need to allow for a 6 month lead time. most loans for practices range from 7 to 10 years. most are 7 years with 3 months upfront no payment and 6 more months of low payments (1000-1500). you can not refinance most loans during the first year. most loans can be refinanced during the second year with points. there will always be points during refinancing the loan but the longer you have the loan the points will be prorated. (this information is for a typical situation yours may vary)

 DMPM has developed many relationships with financial institutions. we have had several clients that have applied for loans on their own and have been rejected up to 6 times. DMPM picked up the phone to the same lenders they had applied to and with-in 24 hours they were approved. some times the banks just want to know that you are serious about the project. Look at financing like this. You are going to apply for a loan once, we are going to send them possibly hundreds of new clients. It is in the banks best interest to deal with DMPM.

DMPM has specialized in medical and dental practices since 2001. Before 2001 Moved from the Napa Valley where wineries and very high-end custom homes was the specialty. DMPM serves health care industry in all areas, commercial and residential properties. We do still handle clients outside the health care industry, usually by referrals

Each of our clients and or projects receive their own Personal websites and dedicated personnel for the entire length of the project.
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